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Pencil and Eyeliner

Pencil and Eyeliner

The eyeliner/pencil is a cosmetic used to enhance the eyes, being used around the eye contour to create a variety of aesthetic illusions. Eyeliner has been used since ancient Egypt. In the Middle Ages, the habit was abandoned... Learn More

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Highliner Gel Eye Crayon from Marc Jacobs Beauty is a super malleable gel eyeliner pencil that glides on smoothly for a perfect and precise application and then sta...
From: € 25,21 Save up to:
Marc Jacobs Beauty
Highliner Waterproof Liquid-Gel Eyeliner from Marc Jacobs Beauty is a waterproof liquid gel eyeliner with a bright and extremely resistant color.Dress your eyes wit...
From: € 28,86 Save up to:
Elizabeth Arden
Beautiful Color Liquid Eyeliner from Elizabeth Arden is an eyeliner that outlines and defines eyes with black intensity.Easy to use, the felt tip creates a look fro...
From: € 19,48 Save up to:
L'Oréal Paris
Superliner Tattoo Signature from L'Oréal Paris is an eyeliner that allows you to create super thin and super precise lines in one pass and without having to pass ag...
From: € 12,53 Save up to:
L'Oréal Paris
Matte Signa Eyeliner from L'Oréal Paris is an ultra-precise eyeliner with a flexible tip that offers a smooth and precise stroke for a better look.Waterproof and lo...
From: € 11,59 Save up to:
Mad Eyes Precise Liner from Guerlain is a matte eyeliner, super precise and easy to apply for a perfectly mastered cat eye style.With a thin and flexible tip, this ...
From: € 30,63 Save up to:
Mad Eyes Intense Liner from Guerlain is a liquid eyeliner that offers an intense and lasting line from the first pass.With an exceptionally thin tip, this eyeliner ...
From: € 32,20 Save up to:
Vivid Brights Liner Pride from NYX is a creamy pencil that is part of the limited edition Pride.This waterproof pencil glides on smoothly to offer a bright, intense...
From: € 6,62 Save up to:
L'Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Le Liner Signature from L'Oréal Paris is a long-lasting eyeliner with a smooth, non-greasy texture.Defines, elongates and gives dimension to the look.Water...
From: € 9,69 Save up to:
L'Oréal Paris
Superliner Flash Cat Eye from L'Oréal Paris is a super pigmented, long-lasting eyeliner with a waterproof formula.Get the most perfect features with the help of the...
From: € 11,59 Save up to:
Germaine Capuccini
Endless Line from Germaine de Capuccini is an intense black liquid eyeliner with a clean and precise line, ideal for drawing an intense black line with a single wal...
From: € 8,75 Save up to:
Germaine Capuccini
Khol Contour from Germaine de Capuccini is a pencil that slides perfectly over the eyes, in a soft and comfortable way.This pencil promotes a gel texture, extremely...
From: € 7,49 Save up to:
Anastasia Bev. Hills
Darkside Waterproof Gel Liner Eyeliner from Anastasia Bev. Hills is an ultra-pigmented cream gel pencil with a thin retractable tip.The product is waterproof and lo...
From: € 25,72 Save up to:
Make Up For Ever
Aqua Resist Color Pencil from Make Up For Ever is a waterproof, sweat and stain eyeliner for 24-hour use.Super pigmented and with a sliding color, this eyeliner com...
From: € 16,91 Save up to:
AMC Eyeliner Gel from Inglot is a highly pigmented gel eyeliner, which provides full coverage with just one application and is waterproof.With a quick drying, easy ...
From: € 18,03 Save up to:
Colour Play Eyeliner from Inglot is a highly pigmented and attractive eye liner that defines the eyes while leaving a creamy but long lasting texture.Neutralizes th...
From: € 13,49 Save up to:
AMC Eye Pencil from Inglot is an eyeliner indicated to use also as a creamy eyeshadow.With an included sharpener that allows you to place the finer tip, obtaining a...
From: € 11,23 Save up to:
Elizabeth Arden
Bold Defining Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner from Elizabeth Arden is an eyeliner that defines the eyes with a bold color and high impact with the lasting benefits of use ...
From: € 19,49 Save up to:
Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof from Sisley is a retractable pencil with an integrated mini pencil sharpener.The unctuous and structured mine with an unprecedented slide...
From: € 61,35 Save up to:
Liquid Eyeliner-Metallic from Guerlain is reinvented with a truly amazing texture.To apply, two easy options:Classic Chic - draw the line and let it dry for a bold ...
From: € 32,24 Save up to:
The Eye Pencil from Guerlain is an eye pencil for the inside and outside of the eye.A resistant formula, waterproof, long lasting and without transfer. A new creamy...
From: € 20,83 Save up to:

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