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30 Dec

Hair Care in Winter

Hair Care in Winter

It is essential to provide the hair with special care, regardless of the time of year. However, in winter we create some habits that can damage the hair. In this way, there are some gestures that make the difference and cooperate so that you present strong, shiny and truly healthy hair in these cold months.

Glamourosa offers some tips on how to take care of hair in winter and exposes some of the main care you should have during this period of increased external aggression:

Use warm water

Excessive hot water is one of the main enemies of the hair in this season. If we exaggerate the temperature of the water with which we rinse the hair, it becomes dehydrated and the fall increases, and may even cause a scaling of the scalp, which is often confused with dandruff. So, whenever possible, prefer warm water instead of hot water.

Hair cleaning

Before applying any extra product to the hair, you should make sure that it is clean and free of impurities. In this way, we suggest you bet on a shampoo that cleans your hair thoroughly, releasing it from all particles and remnants of products you may still have.

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Rinse your hair every other day

Washing the hair every day is not very good, especially during the winter, because at this time the hair strands take longer to dry. The best option is to wash the hair only three times a week, that is, every other day. This simple change of habit will make your hair stronger and prevent it from falling! Another small tip: when washing hair, massage the scalp. Thus, circulation and oxygenation will be active and acceleration occurs in the growth of hair strands.

Hair mask

The high temperatures of the water in the bath remove all the oil of the scalp, leaving the strands dehydrated. In some cases, the body understands that, with the absence of oiliness, it needs to produce more, leaving hair oilier. That's why it's important to make weekly hydrations at this time, which help to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

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Thermal protector

The main rule of how to take care of hair in winter is to never sleep with wet hair. This care is essential, as sleeping with wet hair can cause fungus and bacteria on the scalp and even cause it to fall. To avoid risk, if your hair does not dry until bedtime, dry it with the dryer. However, the dryer dries the hair, especially on the cooler days of the year. For this reason, if you are going to use it, to minimize damage it is essential to use a thermal protector before drying the hair.

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