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29 Nov

Hair Masks

Hair Masks

What it is and what it is for?


Hair masks guarantee hydrated, healthy and good-looking hair.
In addition, the use of the mask is usually combined with washing the hair, in order to repair and reconstruct.


What are the most used ingredients and their function?


Hair masks have several ingredients, the most common of which are:
Keratin, a very common ingredient in hair products, used in shampoos, conditioners and masks, as it restores the shine and delicacy of the hair.
Lanolin resembles a wax from wool production. Softens and helps maintain moisture in the hair.
Panthenol, an alcohol that when it comes into contact with the skin, turns into pantothenic acid, an ingredient naturally produced by the body.
They also contain vitamins that stimulate hair growth and fight hair loss.


Which types exist and what are their differences?


Hair masks have different types: nutrition, for colored hair, reconstruction, among others.
Masks for natural hair, which have enough nutrients for natural hair. It is important not to opt for a very strong mask, as this way you can get excessively oily or damaged hair.
Mask for colored hair, which contains higher concentrations of nutrients. The main function of the mask for colored hair is to restore hair as close to natural as possible.
Masks for damaged hair, which are more concentrated in regenerating ingredients such as keratin, vitamins and proteins. Since most damaged hair is also dry, these masks are rich in moisturizers, which improves the appearance of the hair.
Masks that stimulate hair growth, as they are rich in oils and ingredients that accelerate hair growth.
Masks for oily hair, which are those that fight excessive oil production and add volume to the hair.


What is the most used packaging format and what are the most frequent sizes?


The packaging of the hair masks is usually in jar, tube, bottle and doser.
Normally, masks with a thicker, cream-like consistency tend to be sold in jars, with sizes ranging from 200ml to 400ml.
The other packages are usually used for masks with a more liquid consistency to facilitate their application, and their quantity may vary between 125ml and 1000ml.


What to take into account when choosing a hair mask?


When choosing a hair mask one of the most important factors is the type of hair.
If you have oily hair, you should choose a mask for oily hair, as it is able to regenerate the hair strands, returning the necessary vitamins without adding excessive oiliness.
For fine hair, you should opt for a mask that is not too heavy and contains lighter oils, such as jojoba oil and biotin.
Finally, if your hair is dyed, opt for a mask for that type of hair. The main function of the mask for colored hair is the restoration of hair to leave it as hydrated and healthy as possible.


What are the recommendations for use and tips?


It is very important to make the correct choice of product, that is, evaluate your hair type and look for a mask that fits the same.
Remove excess water with a towel and apply a small amount of product. Then distribute the mask through the hair, lock by lock, being very careful not to let it reach the root so that the hair does not get oily. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes or for the time indicated by the manufacturer and rinse well.
You must use the full line of the mask, complete with conditioner, shampoo, among others.


What are the pros and cons of using a hair mask?


With the regular use of the mask, it is possible to greatly improve the health and, consequently, the appearance of the hair.
Masks, if well used, regenerate and nourish hair so that it is much healthier.
On the other hand, if not used properly, masks can have serious consequences for the health of the hair, such as excess oil.
In certain cases, allergic reactions can be triggered by these products. In such cases, it will be important to check the composition of the product and make sure that none of them could be harmful.


What are the reference brands of hair masks?


Currently, hair masks are common and there are several brands specializing in the area.
For reference brands of hair masks, Kérastase is one of the best brands on the market at the hair level, with an immense range of masks, such as a Chronologiste, Blond Absolu, Soleil, among others.
L'Oréal Professionel also has lots of masks, such as Absolut Repair Gold Masque, Liss Unlimited Masque, Mythic Oil Rich Masque Thick Hair, among others.
Moroccanoil is also a reference brand, with highly recommended masks, such as Intense Hydrating Mask and Restorative Mask.



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