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29 Nov

Heat Protectant

Heat Protectant

What it is and what it is for?


Currently, the use of heat tools is very common, it is frequent practice to dry the hair, use a styler to define the curls or a straightener to straighten. However, these tools are very harmful to the hair, and can dry out and damage it.
Therefore, the heat protector was developed, a product whose objective is to minimize the damage caused by the repetitive use of these tools.
Heat protectors create a kind of barrier between the hair strands that prevents high temperatures from damaging the hair fiber and causing dryness and breakage. In addition to protecting the hair, heat protectors offer other benefits, such as hydration, so they are recommended for all types of hair subject to high temperatures.


What are the most used ingredients and their function?


One of the main ingredients of a heat protector are silicones that create a protective barrier that acts between the hair follicle and the heat of the tools, reducing the damage caused to the hair. Dimethicone and cyclomethicone are some examples of silicones.
Moisturizers are also very important for the correct functioning of a heat protector, as they provide the necessary compounds for a healthy appearance and facilitate its modeling.
Humectants preserve hair moisture and block frizz, such as panthenol and propylene glycol.
Amino acids effectively strengthen hair and provide antioxidants, such as keratin.
Finally, light oils and natural extracts are specially formulated to not damage the hair during heating and to seal the hair cuticle.


Which types exist and what are their differences?


The creams, which have a thicker texture and are more suitable for strong and voluminous hair, such as Absolut Repair Gold Blow-Dry Cream by L'Oréal Professionel.
Dozers, which are more fluid in texture. This care is ideal for any type of hair, such as Chronologiste Thermique Régénérant by Kérastase.
Sprays, which are the lightest and most practical to use, such as Frizz Ease 3Day Straight Flat Iron Spray by John Frieda.


What is the most used packaging format and what are the most frequent sizes?


The packaging of the heat protectors undergoes little variation, being it in a dozer, tube or spray.
In dozers the quantities are from 100ml to 150ml. Spray protectors range from 100ml to 200ml. The most frequent quantity of tube protectors is 150ml.


What to take into account when choosing a heat protectant?


Whenever possible, choose a thermal protector from your hair care line. Thus, the protector, in addition to protecting the hair from heat, will be more effective.
Another important point to be taken into account is the maximum temperature at which the thermal protector can act. You must analyze how many degrees your devices reach and so choose a protector that achieves this.
In case you have thick and voluminous hair, choose creamy and denser products; if the hair is thin, choose a thermal spray or fluid texture protector.


What are the recommendations for use and tips?


It is very important to make the correct choice of product, that is, evaluate your hair type and look for a heat protector that fits the same.
You should use a small amount, otherwise the hair may look sticky.
You should also apply the product on the length and ends, as these parts are the most sensitive and those that suffer the most from excess heat.


What are the pros and cons of using a heat protectant?


Heat protectors, if not chosen according to the type of hair, can cause the opposite effect to the intended one. Like, for example, dry hair, excess oil, breakage of hair, among others.
On the other hand, depending on the purpose of the care, it can bring numerous benefits, such as: sealing the hair cuticles; control the frizz; prevent split ends; prolong straightening; promote more malleable hair; facilitate combing; moisturize the hair; lighten the hair; provide more silky and soft hair.



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