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14 Jan

All you need to know about stretch marks

All you need to know about stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the problems that bother many women and men, especially in the summer when it is shown a little more body. In addition to being unattractive, stretch marks do not disappear easily, and prevention is the best solution. However, let's try to understand what stretch marks are and what to do when they do not want to disappear.

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Stretch marks are scars that appear when there is destruction of elastic fibers that hold the skin, composed of collagen and elastin. This disruption occurs with the stretching of the skin. The lines are formed by the thinning of the skin in two layers: the epidermis and the dermis.

There are two types of stretch marks. The most recent ones are reddish and the oldest ones are whitish. Recent stretch marks are reddish because they are a natural inflammatory process in order to minimize the injury and thus, they may reduce in size. The oldest stretch marks are whitish because there was already a more marked atrophy of the fibers and no longer any inflammatory process occurs.

Stretch marks typically arise when a stretching of the skin occurs, which in general is caused by the increase in volume of the body. The causes of this increase are associated with pregnancy, weight gain, placement of breast implants, the use of anabolic steroids and hormonal or genetic factors. In these situations, the skin stretches, and with the lack of moisture, stretch marks begin to appear.

The most common areas for stretch marks are the thighs, buttocks, hips, breasts and belly.

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It is common that stretch marks appear during adolescence due to this being a growth phase, the skin stretches and eventually breaks. In adulthood this process occurs mainly by excess weight, stretch marks may appear at this stage also due to lack of skin moisture or a genetic predisposition.

The appearance of stretch marks is quite common in pregnant women, especially in areas such as the breasts and belly, because those are the body parts that suffer more changes.

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While there are several treatments for stretch marks there is none that erase them, only attenuate, so the best is to prevent the appearance of these marks on the body.

The best way to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks, given that they arise by the disruption of the elastic layer of the skin, is through skin hydration.

You may also opt for specific anti stretch marks creams that are intended to act on the inner layer of the skin, in order to minimize the risk of appearance.

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After the appearance of stretch marks you can also make an exfoliation followed y a cream indicated for the purpose.

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Each region of the body has a different configuration and therefore the application of creams, particularly those specific to stretch marks, must be done differently.

Hips and buttocks - Apply with a circular massage, slow, with some pressure and in order to cover the whole area.

Thighs - In this case must start the application in the knee area and apply up to the hip, always making passages upwards.

Breasts - Apply from the outside to the inside. Do not apply on the nipples.

Abdomen - Apply with circular massage in the clockwise direction and from the bottom up.

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