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30 Apr

How to choose the perfect foundation!

How to choose the perfect foundation!

Nowadays, there are thousands of foundations at our disposal, which can be a real headache when it comes to choosing the one that fits us best.

When properly applied, the foundation provides a great adhesion platform for all make-up and provides a more defined and uniform look. It is such a simple gesture that makes a difference and works like a professional business card. Any woman, whatever her day-to-day, skin type and face shape, can and should develop a greater appreciation for her characteristics and show them through well-formulated products that fully preserve the well-being of the skin.


Type of Skin


First, it is important to know our skin type. Dry skins are easy to dehydrate, lack brightness and quickly show signs of wear. For these skins the best is a creamy product that provides hydration and luminosity. The ideal is to use a liquid foundation, which has a greater coverage.


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Oily skins are excessively glossy, they often struggle with acne and lose immense moisture during this process. They are skins that require products that absorb excess oil without becoming stale, dry or irritated. Women who have oily skin should prefer drier products, free of oils and moisturizers, or foundations known as oil free.


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When the skin is normal or mixed, it oscillates between dry and oily, not only depending on the climate and hormonal regulation of each woman, but also can be found with different presentations depending on the area of the face observed. For these skins are very effective products that keep them balanced, not only in liquid formulations but also in powder.


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Skin Tone


The real headache, however, is to hit the foundation’s correct tone. Although most women try out on the wrist or hand, the tone of these body parts is different from the tone of the face, so the foundation should be experienced directly on the face. The skin of women who have little blemish, brown skin or easily brown without redness, should be covered with foundations of yellow tones. The lighter skins, with a tendency to pinkish tint and redness, should be covered with pink bases, so that the look is as natural as possible.


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Whenever possible, the foundation should be applied with a brush or sponge. It is more hygienic, and the finish becomes more uniform. For the liquid or creamy foundations, a large, compact and flat brush should be used. For powdered or creamy foundations, a makeup sponge, dry or moistened, depending on the coverage you want, respectively lighter or more intense.


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