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08 Oct

Discover the Makeup from Bourjois! (Part 3)

Discover the Makeup from Bourjois! (Part 3)

Bourjois is a french brand born in 1863 and continues today to be one of the favourite makeup brands in the whole world.



Feutre Eye Liner Slim & Liner Reveal

1 2 

The product on the left is an eyeliner with a very precise marker tip to create an intense and extra-fine contour line. Lasts up to 24 hours. The one on the right is an eyeliner that has a precise, soft and delicate brush that slides easily over the eyelids.



Khôl & Contour


A pencil that combines intense colors and extra-long duration for an impeccable make-up. Its formula does not stifle and it can withstand comfortably all day. Also suitable for use with contact lenses.



Volume Reveal Adjustable Volume & Volume Glamour Ultra Black

4 5 

The left mascara contains a unique formula comprised of waxes and the soft fibber brush provides volume to the eyelashes layer after layer. The right mascara is a mascara that doubles the volume thanks to its formula resulting from the combination of natural waxes and silicone.



Touch Duo Eye Pencil Brow & Brow Design

6 7 

The one on the left is a pencil that defines the eyebrows and combines the finish of a powder with the precision of a wax, while the non-oily creamy illuminator illuminates the bone of the eyebrow to give light to the eyes. The second product is a gel that tames, sculpts and fixes the eyebrows throughout the day.


Eye Shadow

Satin Edition 24h Eyeshadow & Ombre À Paupières

8 9 

The first eyeshadow is a liquid eyeshadow that contains an eyeliner that allows you to slide the colour over the eyelid effortlessly. The one on the right is an eyeshadow with a luxurious cream formula that turns into powder, very easy to apply and blend, for an exquisite sensory experience.


Available at Loja Glamourosa!

Discover the Makeup from Bourjois! (Part 3) at Loja Glamourosa

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