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25 Feb

The best Contouring techniques

The best Contouring techniques

Contouring is a play of light and shadow that creates optical illusions. This technique aims to give depth to the face, mark the jaw, slim the nose and bring out the strengths of each part of the face.

While light colors illuminate (highlight), the darker create shadows and depth; together, the different tones create proportions, curves and angles.

The most important is to use the right products and techniques, because once found, the contouring can easily be part of your makeup routine.

The first step should be to create a perfect complexion. Therefore, you should apply the right makeup foundation on the hydrated and protected skin.

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Use a sponge to apply the darkest color in the areas where you want to create shade: under the cheekbones on both sides of the nasal bone and face contour. Blur in order to achieve a natural effect.

3 4


Apply a lighter powder to illuminate areas of the face: cheeks, forehead and nose. Fearlessly, light up the areas you want to give emphasis! Blur smoothly.

5 6


Mix the two colors, darker with lighter, or to use only the darker, according to the desired effect. Apply with a brush on the cheekbones, through circular smooth gestures. Thus, it is achieved to create volume with natural appearance.

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