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18 Sep

Tips for having sublime lips

Tips for having sublime lips

The lips are considered one of the most striking parts of the face and sometimes we have the idea that a red lipstick makes the mouth much more seductive. However, there are many other aspects that induce their true beauty.


Sometimes to make them even more beautiful, we buy lipsticks, infinite products and look for tips on the internet. Therefore, we decided to share some tips on how to achieve great results.


1. Exfoliate

A light exfoliation on the lips helps to eliminate dead skin cells. After treatment, it is easier to apply a lipstick evenly.
You can do this exfoliation once a week.

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2. Protect

All parts of the body are exposed to solar radiation and its good is no different.
Her daily protection is just as important as the other parts. For this reason, wearing a lip balm and reapplying during the day is a great choice to achieve results like never before.

Always have a lip balm with you and make sure your lips look luminous and have a soft touch. Isdin Lip Protector SPF30/50 + is a moisturizing and repairing solar lip balm, with high sun protection, for the delicate skin of the lips.
This lip stick contains high sun protection factor, with a protective, repairing and moisturizing action.

Relieves and repairs dry, cracked and mistreated lips. It can be used for the care of cleft lips.

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3. Moisturize

Your lips are often affected by the seasons. In summer and especially in winter, they get dry. Protecting and moisturizing your mouth is essential to have more sublime lips.

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In this way, you can use any type of lipstick that will fit you perfectly. A colorful mouth is the key to any makeup, a red or a bright pink will make any mouth look amazing.

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However, if you want a more natural look you can always use transparent textures with gloss.

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Now just follow the 3 steps, fit into your routine and you will have extraordinary results.
Flawless and irresistible lips all year round!

Available at Loja Glamourosa

Tips for having sublime lips at Loja Glamourosa

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