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What it is and what it is for?


Eyeshadows are very old, having found huge flasks in Egyptian tombs in 2500 BC. According to the Egyptians, the dark eyeshadow meant divine protection.
Eyeshadow is a makeup product used for the purpose of highlighting the eyes and should be applied to the eyelids. The goal is to add depth and dimension to the eyes, being produced in different colors and textures.


What are the most used ingredients and their function?


Eyeshadows have several ingredients, the most common of which are:
Those that are a filling base, that is, complete the specified mass or volume. In eyeshadows, fillers are essential for sliding, adherence, color quality and powder properties; such as nylon-12, non-crystalline silica and kaolin.
The binders, which serve to guarantee the adherence of the powder on the skin. The most common binders are zinc stearate, lithium stearate, hydrocarbons and waxes.
Preservatives that, like most eyeshadows do not have water in their composition, are used in very few quantities. Usually antioxidants are used, such as vitamin E.
Pigments, which are the most important components of eyeshadows. Pigments and the many varieties of pearls are the reason for a wide range of shade shades. The most used are of the inorganic variety, that is, overseas, iron oxides, chromium, titanium, zinc and tin, and FD&C dyes that are approved for the sensitive use of the eye area.


Which types exist and what are their differences?


The eyeshadows have several types: powder, cream, pencil, compact and liquid.
Powder eyeshadows have a satiny texture and are the most used. As a rule, these shades provide uniform coverage over the eyelid, as it is easier to achieve the desired effect. In addition, they provide good fixation and greater durability, such as Dazzleshadow by M.A.C.
Creamy eyeshadows have a slightly more mousse texture and are easy and quick to apply, such as for example All About Shadow Soft Shimmer by Clinique.
Pencil eyeshadows promote a creamy texture that slides easily into the eye and is easy to apply and maintain, just like the pen Ombre Hypnôse Stylo by Lancôme.
Compact eyeshadows are made with very fine particles that help in fixing. These eyeshadows have a longer-lasting effect than powder eyeshadow and don't blur easily, just like Diorshow Mono by Christian Dior.
Liquid eyeshadows have a smooth and discreet effect and are of medium thickness. These shades are easy to apply and touch up, in addition to providing a more intense effect, such as Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Eye Shadow by Too Faced.


What is the most used packaging format and what are the most frequent sizes?


Eyeshadows have a wide range of packaging, always depending on their type, that is, whether it is powder, liquid, etc.
In the case of powders, the most common packaging is palettes, which can be individual or with different shades. Thus, their quantities vary greatly, from 1.5gr to 100gr.
Cream eyeshadows are mostly in a jar, with quantities ranging from 1.5gr to 10gr.
The eyeshadows in pencil or pen are always on stick and their sizes are from 1gr to 2gr.
Compact eyeshadows are also formulated on palettes, which can be individual or with different shades and have sizes from 1.5gr to 100gr.
Liquid eyeshadows are made in a tube, the amount of which is from 5gr to 10gr.


What to take into account when choosing an eyeshadow?


When choosing an eyeshadow, you must take into account its pigmentation, as it will determine the intensity of the color. You should also pay attention to the finishes of the eyeshadows, the most common ones being opaque and sparkling.
Thus, there are opaque or matte eyeshadows, which have no shine at all and are ideal for those who like a more classic makeup.
The sparkling, which promote a subtle but very sophisticated shine, ideal for illuminating the eyelid.
Metallized ones, which are creamier in texture and usually stick to the skin more intensely. They add shine to the makeup and are usually very pigmented, generating an effect similar to metal, as the name indicates.
Pearly eyeshadows, which have a finer texture and a pearly finish, ideal for those who like to create lighter makeup.
Finally, the pressed glitter, more modern shades that present an intense and differentiated glitter, used for more elaborate makeup.
It should also give importance to accessories for applying eyeshadows, such as the brush.


What are the recommendations for use and tips?


You can follow some tips to have a more effective and easier to use eyeshadow experience.
Apply a primer before using the eyeshadow, as the product adheres better to the eyelid and lasts longer.
When applying eyeshadow, start with the darkest shade, as it creates depth in the look. And blend towards the eyebrow, to look up.
It is also important to blend well so as not to leave the gradient marked. With a good brush, blend in back and forth movements, ensuring the mixture of eyeshadows.
Choose the brush well, the chamfer with plenty of bristles is a great option, because it mimics the shape of the finger and fits well in the eyes. In this way, the product is perfectly smudged, spread and deposited.
And finally, understand what the shape of your eyes is and what makeup techniques that favor them the most.


What are the pros and cons of using an eyeshadow?


Eyeshadows promote a beautiful look, but we must also take into account the disadvantages.
Eyeshadows can have less favorable ingredients for the skin and can cause problems such as skin or eye irritation and allergic reactions.
On the other hand, eyeshadows cause a more mature and healthy appearance when looking; add depth and dimension to the eyes; improve self-esteem; disguise small signs of aging.



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