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18 Jan

Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette

Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette

Sometimes the choice of the type of perfume can be confusing. We arrived to a store and we are faced with Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. Let's make this choice easier, by realizing the difference between them.

From latin per (which means of) and fumare (meaning smoke), a fragrance is a complex mixture of substances. These substances are only organic complex that we call fragrances.

Therefore, a perfume is a mixture of three basic components:

- Essences or essential oils: This, as the name implies, is the component that creates the perfume. The essences can be natural (extracted from flowers, leaves, roots or animals), synthetic or artificial.

- Fixer: Substances used for prolonging the scent of the perfume, these prevent or retard volatilization of essences and they may be of natural origin (animal or vegetable) or synthetic.

- Diluents: They are used to change the concentration of the preparation, i.e., so that the fragrance is not too strong. Most of the time is used alcohol (ethanol) or water.

Perfumes are then ranked based on the existing concentration of essential oils in the diluent.


The parfum is the most pure, unique and sophisticated, has the highest degree of concentration of essences and for this reason is the most expensive.
It has in its composition between 15% and 40% of essences, and thus greater fixation and duration on the skin and may even reach 18 hours, depending on the type of skin is used.
Due to its high concentration, should be placed in small quantities at key points (wrists, elbows, neck, behind the ears or between the breasts), these body sites are warmer and allow the aroma to spread better.
Often sold in bottles without spray.

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Eau de Parfum

The Eau de Parfum has an essential oil concentration of 10% to 15% and can last up to 6 hours in the skin.
Thus, they are as strong as Parfum, should be used carefully in clothing, hair, etc., however, can be sold in spray bottles.

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Eau de Toilette

The Eau de Toilette are those fragrances which have in their composition between 5% and 10% of essential oils. They may last on average to 4 hours in the skin.
Because they are weaker, they can be used more often and in greater quantities.

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Eau de Cologne

Fragrances that have less than 5% concentration of essential oils are called Eau de Cologne, or for women may also be known as Eau Fraiche.
They last only 1 to 2 hours on the skin and so can be used several times a day.
They tend to be used in warmer climates, because they are fresh fragrances.

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Accordingly, the higher the concentration of essential oils, the more expensive the chosen fragrance.
Sometimes the same perfume may exist with the various classifications above.

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