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Brand history


It all started in 1967 when Vogue magazine published an article in which Dr. Norman Orentreich, one of Manhattan's most respected dermatologists, spoke about the importance of the skin's daily routine, and in explaining his skin care philosophy, he conveyed the idea that ideal skin could be created.
It was then that Evelyn Lauder (Estée's daughter-in-law) decided to read the article and to her amazement she became interested and decided to recruit Carol Phillips (article writer) and Orentreich who helped create the line that opened the first cosmetics line run by dermatologists and together launched 117 products.
Clinique's name came about after Evelyn Lauder noticed that the words "Clinique Esthétiques" were all over Paris and it was where Parisian women went to receive facials.
Currently, Clinique is one of the biggest skin care and cosmetics brands on the market, with stores in 135 different countries.


Concept and objectives


Clinique is nowadays a skin care, makeup and fragrance brand with the main objective of developing the best and most effective products so that all skin types and tones can be perfected and providing quality products free from parabens, phthalates and fragrances.


Clinique ensures that all products are scrutinized through a full suite of tests to help ensure the safety of your skin.


What to take into account when choosing this brand?


The Clinique brand came about after a magazine about being possible to have ideal skin and then came Clinique run by dermatologists.
So, anyone looking for this brand should keep in mind that they are getting specialized products for any skin type.


Clinique's collections


Anti-Blemish – The products in this collection are intended to act on the skin immediately after application and help to eliminate pimples and control crises. In addition, this collection provides a barrier that helps to fight against breakout-causing agents and control excess oil.


Clinique ID – This collection is special because it combines a dose of active ingredients with hydrating effects that will help the skin, giving it a worry-free feeling.


Even Better – This range corrects existing dark spots through its key component which was inspired by the dianella ensifolia flower, a plant known in traditional Chinese medicine for its whitening properties. This will help stop the formation of future dark spots and soothe the irritation that can trigger darkening.


Moisture Surge – Through its delicate properties, this collection will satiate the skin of the face and eye contour with a deep and refreshed hydration.


Repairwear – Through its formula this range of products will provide an effective anti-aging action, designed to completely rejuvenate and refine the complexion, leaving the skin looking young and radiant.


Smart Clinical – Transform your skin with this effective range that provides revolutionary and visibly reshaped skin through its combined formula of three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid that help to achieve a robust appearance.


Superdefense – A revolutionary collection that will protect your skin against the appearance of signs of aging caused by environmental damage. This line fights tiredness and the first signs of aging.


For Men – This range created for men is able to help men's skin look rich and healthy.


The most popular products of the brand


Liquid Facial Soap is a liquid cleansing formula that does not harm the lipid layer of the skin. It prepares the skin for any treatment, be it exfoliation or toner and moisturizer. Contains a very practical dispenser that reduces waste.


Superbalanced Makeup is an oil-free, adjustable coverage liquid foundation. Provides moisture and absorbs oil. It results in a silky appearance on your face after application.


Even Better Makeup SPF15 is a foundation that fights the problem of hyperpigmentation in the long term. It reduces installed hyperpigmentation, prevents new outbreaks and generally evens out the skin tone. Enriches the skin with minerals to maintain the health of the various tissue layers.


Beyond Perfecting Foundation+Concealer is a 2-in-1 foundation and concealer to create a long-lasting, natural finish. This ultra-lightweight, hydrating formula evens out skin tone, smoothes the face and helps hide imperfections. Offers maximum comfort and long-lasting results for up to 12 hours.


Clarifying Lotion 2 is a gentle exfoliating lotion that cleanses in depth promoting natural cell renewal. For normal to combination skin.


Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup is a foundation with a gentle yet powerful formula specifically designed to keep blemish-prone skin comfortable throughout the day, thanks to a combination of balancing ingredients that help minimize sebum production without altering the balance of sebum. skin hydration.


Quickliner For Eyes is a practical automatic eyeliner with two sides: at one end it contains an eye pencil and at the other a sponge to blend the color. Its satin formula glides easily on the skin, without harming or pulling the skin, and lasts all day.



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