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25 Nov

Care for perfect intimate hygiene

Care for perfect intimate hygiene

With intimate hygiene still a taboo subject, few women dare to ask the right questions. However, knowing how to take care of your intimacy is crucial to your daily well-being.

Taking care of your intimate hygiene does not only mean improving your comfort. It is also an excellent way to prevent infections by conserving the intimate flora. It contains very efficient bacteria whose role is to stop the arrival of germs thanks to a protective "shield" located on the intimate mucous membrane. That's why it's essential to take care of her daily.

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Gyn-Phy Gel Fraîcheur Hygiène Intime by Uriage is a refreshing cleansing gel for feminine intimate hygiene. Cleans in smoothness, ensuring anti-irritation effectiveness and maintaining intimate flora balance.

Nanocare Intimate Hygiene Gel by Sesderma is an extra gentle cleansing formula for daily intimate feminine hygiene. Contains in its formulation a liposome formula for a soothing and antimicrobial cleansing action.

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Woman Isdin Vulvar Moisturizer by Isdin is a specific product for the care, protection and hydration of the vulvar epithelium. It is recommended for relief of itching from irritation or dryness.

Intimate Soothing Gel by D’Aveia is a gel cream with soothing action, anti-redness, moisturizer and protective of the vaginal mucosa, which promotes an immediate feeling of softness and comfort in the intimate area.

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DermIntim Gel de Toilette Intime by A-Derma is an intimate hygiene product for daily external use. Soft wash base with rhealba oat extract, glycerine and pH 5.5. for a smooth, moisturizing, protective and balancing action.

Intim-Protect Gentle Cleansing Fluid by Eucerin is a daily intimate hygiene care for external use, especially suitable for women with irritation or discomfort, propensity for genital and urinary tract infections and for women with hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.

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Care for perfect intimate hygiene at Loja Glamourosa

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