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31 Jan

Glitter Card

What is the Glitter Card?


The Glitter Card is a card that gives you glitters (points), that can be exchanged for a value to discount in the next purchase.



How can I have access to the Glitter Card?


First, you must be registered at Glamorous Store. After you have registered, you are automatically entitled to the Shine Card. Whenever you shop you will accumulate sparkles (points), which can then be exchanged for discount vouchers. Glitters are valid for one year. Sign up here!



How much is each glitter worth?


When you buy at Loja Glamourosa you get glitters (points) according to the value of your order. For every euro, it accumulates 1 glitter and every 100 glitters are converted into 5 euros.


Example: You made a purchase of € 100, so you'll be entitled to 100 sparkles. These 100 glitters are worth 5 euros on the next purchase.



How can I use my glitters to benefit from discounts at the next purchase?


In the area reserved for customers, you can convert your glitters into discount vouchers (a code), which you must type in the moment before payment in the shopping cart.



Can I use the discount voucher multiple times?


The discount voucher must be used only once. Therefore, when using this voucher, make sure it is a purchase of a higher value than the voucher, to make the most of it.



Do the shipping costs also count toward getting glitters? And VAT?


Shipping costs are not considered for glitters accumulation. The glitters calculation is done only by the value of the product. VAT is included in the calculation of the glitters, since VAT is an integral part of the final consumer price.



What is the minimum amount of glitters I have to hold in order to use them in my purchases?


The minimum number is 100 glitters.



And if I pay my order with glitters, I also get glitters with it?


Yes. But only at the amount payed, resulting from the difference between the value of the order and the amount cashed with the glitter card.



For more information, contact us.

The Glitter Card is a card that gives you glitters (points), that can be exchanged for a value to discount in the next purchase

Cartão de Brilhos at Loja Glamourosa

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