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Bath products

Bath Products

Tree Hut
Tahitian Vanilla Bean Shea Sugar Scrub from Tree Hut is a body scrub that removes dead skin cells and provides intense hydration. Its exotic vanilla fragrance is de...
From: € 14,67 Save up to:
Shower Gel Ultra Rich from A-Derma is a cleaning product that provides a unique sensory experience while bathing. Its ultra-rim and smooth formula is enriched with ...
From: € 12,59 Save up to:
Eau Des Jardins Uplifting Fresh Shower Gel by Clarins is a bath gel that cleans softly and refreshes the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. Its smooth formula cont...
From: € 19,07 Save up to:
Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate of Clarins is a bath gel that gently cleanses the skin and promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Its formula is enriched ...
From: € 18,72 Save up to:
Relaxing Bath & Shower Concentrate of Clarins is a bath gel that promotes a relaxing and soothing bath. Its smooth formula cleans the skin gently, while its active ...
From: € 18,72 Save up to:
Eau Extraordinaire Revitalizing Shower Milk by Clarins is a body cleansing product that combines soft action of body milk with the effectiveness of a liquid soap. I...
From: € 16,97 Save up to:
Solid Cleansing Cream by Uriage is a liquid soap in a bar form for facial cleansing that helps to gently and effectively remove impurities and makeup. Additionally,...
From: € 6,70 Save up to:
Rosemary Mint Hand & Body Wash from Aveda is a gentle cleansing product that can be used on both hands and body. Its formula contains natural ingredients that clean...
From: € 7,85 Save up to:
Elizabeth Arden
Green Tea Energizing Bath and Shower Gel by Elizabeth Arden is a body cleansing product that provides an energizing and invigorating experience for the skin. Its g...
From: € 5,62 Save up to:
Relaxing Moisturizing Shower Gel by Jowaé is a product that offers gentle cleansing while hydrating and protecting the skin. Its formula contains natural active ing...
From: € 4,70 Save up to:
Stimulating Moisturizing Shower Gel from Jowaé is a shower gel with moisturizing and nourishing properties that helps to gently clean the skin without drying it out...
From: € 4,70 Save up to:
DS Regulating Foaming Gel by Uriage is an ultra-gentle and rich foaming gel that leaves the skin soft, purified, and comfortable.Its ultra-gentle cleansing cleans a...
From: € 14,51 Save up to:
Abradermol Exfoliating Scrub from Sesderma is a body exfoliant designed to remove dead skin cells and promote a smoother, more radiant appearance. With a formula ri...
From: € 27,80 Save up to:
Atopises Bath Gel from Sesderma is a product developed by Sesderma to help relieve the symptoms of atopic skin by reducing redness and itching and improving hydrati...
From: € 9,26 Save up to:
Tree Hut
Tree Huts Papaya Paradise Shea Sugar Scrub is a sugar body scrub that provides gentle and efficient exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. With its blend of sugar, ...
From: € 13,80 Save up to:
Amande Shower Oi by LOccitanel is a smooth and silky textured bath oil that deeply hydrates the skin while gently and effectively cleansing it. Its unique formula i...
From: € 6,15 Save up to:
St. Tropez
Tan Remover Prep And Maintain from St. Tropez is a skincare product that gradually removes old tan and prepares the skin for new tans. It also hydrates the skin, le...
From: € 13,24 Save up to:
Comfort Zone
Tranquillity Shower Cream from Comfort Zone is a high-performance moisturizing shower cream designed to provide deep hydration and immediate relief from stress to t...
From: € 46,85 Save up to:
Eleven Australia
Wash Me All Over Hand & Body Wash by Eleven Australia is a complete cleansing product for the body and hands. Formulated with hydrating ingredients, this liquid soa...
From: € 2,97 Save up to:
Amande Milky Bath from LOccitane is a luxurious blend of sweet almond oils, vitamins, and herbal extracts that work together to nourish and soothe the skin. The moi...
From: € 22,37 Save up to:
Karité Shea Milk Extra Rich Soap from LOccitane is a liquid soap rich in oil, offering deep hydration and nourishment to the skin. With a gentle and creamy formula,...
From: € 5,00 Save up to:

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