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Cellulite and Firmness Treatments

Cellulite and Firmness Treatments

Cellulite is the accumulation of adipose tissue in some areas of the body, especially legs and buttocks, where fat nodules are formed. By increasing the size of these nodules, they are pulled upwards creating a rough appearance in the epidermis. This is a problem that affects about 90% of women. Learn More

Super Restorative Balm For Abdomen & Waist of Clarins is an advanced balm designed to redefine and firm the abdominal and waist area. Its exclusive formula combines...
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Sevens Skincare
Intensive Cellulitis Strong Slimming Cream from Sevens Skincare is a body cream with a smooth texture and fast absorption, formulated to combat cellulite and reduce...
From: € 37,27 Save up to:
Vinosculpt Lift & Firm Body Cream of Caudalie is a product that operates in the 4 main key zones of the body to provide firmer and toning skin from the first month ...
From: € 25,74 Save up to:
Masvelt Advanced Body Shaping Cream from Clarins is an innovative and effective solution for those looking for a firmer, straightened and embellished body. With its...
From: € 43,20 Save up to:
Body-Slim Slimming Concentrate Sculpting & Beautifying by Lierac is a body care product that promises to help shape the silhouette and tone the skin. This product i...
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Aroma Dynamic Refreshing Toning Gel by Decléor is a lightweight and refreshing facial toner formulated with cucumber and chamomile extracts to help soothe and refre...
From: € 25,74 Save up to:
My Coach Shower Gel from Elancyl is a shower gel that cleanses and helps to even out the skin tone for an extra radiant finish. This shower gel balances normal or m...
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Comfort Zone
Body Strategist Cryo Leg Gel from Comfort Zone is a leg gel formulated with hesperidin, aescin and menthol for an immediate feeling of freshness.Ideal in case of sw...
From: € 72,97 Save up to:
Slim Expert Formula from Postquam is a nutritional supplement for correct metabolism and correct blood glucose levels.Chromium (Cr) helps maintain normal blood gluc...
From: € 46,56 Save up to:
Slimcode Stretch Mark Solution from Postquam is an anti-stretch mark stimulant.Prevents stretch marks due to pregnancy and puberty and visibly reduces the appearanc...
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Jeanne Piaubert
Slimsculpt 3 en 1 Melting Gel Slimming-Firming-Anti-Cellulite from Jeanne Piaubert is a cream that performs 3 actions in 1 step.Collagen is potentiated. Circulation...
From: € 34,10 Save up to:
Crio-Gel Body Treatment from Postquam is a light gel with a refreshing effect thanks to its concentration of active ingredients with a cold effect, such as eucalypt...
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Bodyshock Celluxpert from Mesoestetic is a combination of caffeine, Brassica Alba extract and capsaicin that provides a potent lipolytic and stimulating action.The ...
From: € 55,07 Save up to:
Bodyshock Intensive Mist from Mesoestetic is a highly effective adipoactive complex, formed by Glycerophosphocholine, Lysine and Valine, which reduces localized adi...
From: € 60,14 Save up to:
Bodyshock Firm Up from Mesoestetic is the combination formed by caffeine and L-carnitine encapsulated in liposomes, with Kigelia Africana extract, potentiates the s...
From: € 56,05 Save up to:
Bodyshock Essential Cream from Mesoestetic is a complex combination of plant extracts with regenerating, moisturizing and bio-balancing efficacy, such as Huang qi e...
From: € 32,98 Save up to:
Skin Balance from Mesoestetic is a synergistic combination of plant-based actives, which provides an immediate soothing action and reduces redness thanks to its act...
From: € 66,61 Save up to:
Anti Stretch Mark Concentrate from Collistar is a concentrated skin cream that helps fight stretch marks.This amazing cream has 3 pure actives that help to have a h...
From: € 24,84 Save up to:
Pure Actives TwoPhase Sculpt Concentrate from Collistar is a body treatment that helps to tone and sculpt the skin, thus reducing the effect of orange peel and smoo...
From: € 31,25 Save up to:
Intensive Glauscine Cream from Esthederm is a cream that removes fat from tissues and leaves the skin smoother.Contributes to the elimination of fatty deposits.And ...
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Happy Body All-In-One Slimming Balm from Teaology is a multifunction slimming balm infused with black tea and AHA, lifting effect, anti cellulite.Our body makes us ...
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