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Anti-Dandruff for Man

Anti-Dandruff for Man

The protective barrier of the male scalp is more fragile than the female because it contains less ceramides, which makes it more prone to protein loss. Men produce more sebum than women, which increases the likelihood that they have excessive oil in their hair... Learn More

Blends Of Many Rebalancing Tonic from Alfaparf is a tonic that restores and rebalances.This tonic has the power to return the scalp to ideal conditions....
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Dercos Vichy
Anti-Pelliculaire Shampooing Traitant from Dercos Vichy is an anti-dandruff shampoo with double efficacy against dandruff and its reappearance.It attacks the dandru...
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Cure Anti-Pelliculaire Anti-Récidive from Kérastase is a treatment for scalp with oily or dry dandruff. This intensive anti-dandruff treatment helps to remove the f...
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Dercos Vichy
Shampooing Anti-Pelliculaire Sensitive is a Dercos Vichy anti-dandruff shampoo specially formulated for sensitive scalps. This formula offers a double action agains...
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