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Yves Saint Laurent
Kouros After Shave Lotion from Yves Saint Laurent is a refreshing aftershave lotion that soothes and moisturizes facial skin to prevent sensitization and/or irritat...
From: € 56,81 Save up to:
Ralph Lauren
Ralphs Club After Shave Balm from Ralph Lauren is an aftershave that helps men stay with an enveloping scent helping to dominate everything around them.This amazing...
From: € 29,40 Save up to:
Jean Paul Gaultier
Le Male After Shave from Jean Paul Gaultier is a fresh and intense lotion thanks to the mint extract.Le Male awakens the skin after shaving....
From: € 53,27 Save up to:
Allure Homme from Chanel is a fragrance with a fresh, light, non-greasy texture.A man with an indefinable elegance. Charisma, serenity, inner strength emanate natur...
From: € 53,97 Save up to:
Explorer Homme After Shave Balm from Montblanc is a woody aromatic fragrance for modern adventurers.For daily use, but also for special occasions.Composed of ingred...
From: € 12,45 Save up to:
Dolce & Gabbana
K After Shave Lotion from Dolce & Gabbana is a fragrance that captures the essence of man in his element.He is the king of your everyday life. He goes his own way, ...
From: € 42,22 Save up to:
Acqua di Parma
Colonia Essenza - After Shave Balm from Acqua di Parma gives an instant feeling of freshness. Softens the skin and this after Shave Balm has a moisturizing effect a...
From: € 49,01 Save up to:
Acqua di Parma
Colonia Pura - After Shave Balm from Acqua di Parma has the effect of a light fluid emulsion perfumed with the vibrant notes of Colonia Pura. It is quick-absorbing,...
From: € 46,89 Save up to:
Acqua di Parma
Colonia - After Shave Tonico from Acqua di Parma is an after shave fragrant with Cologne signature notes for an immediate sense of freshness. Rich in natural ingred...
From: € 55,01 Save up to:
Hugo Boss
The Scent Lotion After-shave lotion is an aftershave to soothe and calm your skin after your shaving routine. Face feel smooth and comfortable. The Scent After-Sha...
From: € 65,58 Save up to:
Man Eau Fraîche - After-Shave Balm is a refreshing balm to soften and moisturize your skin....
From: € 24,30 Save up to:
Bleu De CHANEL Aftershave Lotion provides a feeling of freshness and smoothness after shaving. Gently perfumed   Bleu De CHANEL Aftershave Balm moisturizes, ...
From: € 53,09 Save up to:
Christian Dior
Eau Sauvage - Baume Aprés-Rasage is a soothing lotion to prevent skin irritation after shaving. Soothes and calms the skin....
From: € 55,17 Save up to:
Christian Dior
Eau Sauvage - Mousse à Raser is a thin shaving mousse to protect the skin and respect your hydration. Leaves face gently fragranced...
From: € 47,52 Save up to:
Terre d' Hermès - Aftershave Lotion is a lotion to invigorate and refresh you skin after shaving. Leaves an uplifting cooling sensation and helps to hydrate the ski...
From: € 44,33 Save up to:
Issey Miyake
L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme After Shave Lotion is a fresh invigorating lotion to soothe skin after your shaving routine. Leaves skin gently soothed and calm. The natur...
From: € 39,83 Save up to:
Cool Water After Shave is a smoothing invigorating lotion to calm skin after your shaving routine. Removes razor burns and prolongs a clean shave.Safe for all skin ...
From: € 20,01 Save up to:
Paco Rabanne
Paco Rabanne 1 Million Aftershave is an invigorating tonic to treat the face & neck to a refreshing, beneficial lift. Apply generously you will instantly feel r...
From: € 31,94 Save up to:
Christian Dior
Dior Homme Aftershave is an invigorating formula to care and indulge your face in the spirit of the house of Dior. Leaves skin wonderfully smooth and comfortable wi...
From: € 55,17 Save up to:
Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani Gio Homme Aftershave moisturizes and protects the face, leaving it fresh with the aquatic woody scent of Acqua di Gio Armani.  Mitigates razor b...
From: € 56,63 Save up to:
Hugo Boss
Boss Bottled Aftershave is an energizing smoothing lotion. Instantly enlivens and comforts your skin, after your shave routine. Removes razor-burns. and prolongs c...
From: € 41,54 Save up to:

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