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Lip Treatments

Lip Treatments

The skin on the lips is different from the skin on the face. Cracked, dry lips, with small loose skin and wounds are characteristics of lack of hydration and normal lack of routine care with the region. In this way, the lip treatment serves to avoid these problems and keep the lips beautiful, healthy and hydrated... Learn More

Lip Contour Cream Grade 3 by Fillerina is a lip care product formulated with a blend of powerful active ingredients that work together to improve the appearance and...
From: € 44,88 Save up to:
Lip Contour Cream Grade 4 by Fillerina is a lip cream that helps improve the appearance and volume of the lips. Combining a filling and moisturizing formula, this p...
From: € 51,41 Save up to:
Lip Contour Cream Grade 5 from Fillerina is an advanced lip care formulated with a unique blend of active ingredients.This product contains low molecular weight hya...
From: € 57,94 Save up to:
Kiko Milano
Lip Balm from Kiko Milano is a lip care product that offers intense and long-lasting hydration, as well as reparative and protective action for the lips. Its formul...
From: € 5,66 Save up to:
Christian Dior
Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Serum by Christian Dior is a lip serum that promises plump and hydrated lips. Its formula contains active ingredients that stimulate colla...
From: € 30,40 Save up to:
Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Lip & Contour from Mesoestetic is a lip contour.Contains a formula designed to restore volume to the lips.Its combination of actives intens...
From: € 48,47 Save up to:
Rêve de Miel Honey Lip Balm from Nuxe is a concentrated care that instantly soothes, intensely nourishes and repairs dry lips....
From: € 9,50 Save up to:
Le Lift Lips and Contours from Chanel is a cream that fills the lips and smoothes the contours. This treatment product offers a global action to the lips, contours ...
From: € 75,84 Save up to:
Piz Buin
Mountain Sun Cream + Lipstick SPF15 from Piz Buin is a lipstick that protects lips from the harmful effects of exposure to UVA and UVB rays and provides intense hyd...
From: € 11,06 Save up to:
Cicavit+ Levres Protective Lip Balm Fast-Repair from SVR is a lip balm your new daily ally for lip care.Creates a protective film against all types of external aggr...
From: € 7,48 Save up to:
Fluid Lip Repair from Isdin is a lip repairer that presents in its formulation a repairing, moisturizing and protective action, adapted for use in children.Colds or...
From: € 7,29 Save up to:
Acniben Repair Labial Renewal Balm from Isdin is a lip balm that helps to intensely hydrate and protect lips after anti-acne treatments.Attenuates desquamation and ...
From: € 9,35 Save up to:
Double Fix For Lips from Strivectin is an innovative 2-in-1 lip treatment.On the one hand, it increases the volume of the lips and makes them softer.This formula le...
From: € 26,21 Save up to:
Ultra Rich Lip Balm da LOccitane é um bálsamo que repara, acalma e protege os lábios das agressões climatéricas. Devolve imediatamente o aspecto macio e o bem-esta...
From: € 10,20 Save up to:
Lip Glowy Balm from Laneige is a balm and gloss in a product. A balm because it is super moisturizing and contains natural butters that facilitate its application, ...
From: € 22,46 Save up to:
Black Diamond Ionto-Filler Lip Contour from Martiderm is a kit for the treatment of deep wrinkles in the area around the lips.The kit contains: 4 sachets with 1 adh...
From: € 45,99 Save up to:
Mario Badescu
Mint Lip Balm from Mario Badescu is a lip balm.Infused with peppermint and enriched with vitamin E, this ultra-rich balm moisturizes dry lips with a refreshing and ...
From: € 6,51 Save up to:
Mario Badescu
Rose Lip Balm from Mario Badescu is a lip balm delicately scented with rose.Nutrient-dense butters and skin conditioning oils such as cocoa butter and sweet almond ...
From: € 6,51 Save up to:
Topialyse Stick Lèvres from SVR is a restorative and nourishing lip care.Dual action care that nourishes and repairs sensitive, damaged, cracked and chapped lips. I...
From: € 6,07 Save up to:
Aquaphor SOS Lip Repair from Eucerin is a lip regenerator that repairs, protects and soothes dry and chapped lips.This lip care was clinically and dermatologically ...
From: € 7,18 Save up to:
Sesretinal Mature Skin Liposomal Serum from Sesderma is a serum suitable for all skin types, which prevents and corrects the signs of aging.Sesretinal Mature Skin L...
From: € 51,48 Save up to:

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