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29 Nov

Get rid of oily hair!

Oily hair is usually greasy, heavy, thin and without volume. There are several possible causes for excess oil and sebum in th
23 Sep

Hair Reconstruction

Hair reconstruction is a treatment that helps to restore the naturalness of the hair leaving it healthier and nourished. But
11 Aug

10 Tips for Younger Hair!

Maintaining healthy and fit hair is not always easy. But with the help of the right products and good habits, this task can b
31 May

Tips for perfect curls!

Curly hair, with curls or frizzy hair need extra care to make curls bright and naturally defined! So, we've prepared some tip
25 Apr

How to protect hair from sun exposure

In summer, the hair needs protection and extra care against sun exposure. Too much sun, wind, sea water, chlorine and sand ha
18 Dec

Say goodbye to hair with frizz

One of the biggest hair enemies is undoubtedly frizzy hair. This problem can affect everyone with all types of hair. Therefor
14 May

Oil: The Hair’s Best Friend!

Nowadays the hair oils stand out among brightness, hydration and regeneration treatments. Its added value is clear: lightness
12 Mar

Hair schedule: How does it work?

The hair schedule was created with the goal of reconstructing the hair mass and all the nutrients we naturally loose daily, s

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